Vivien Estelle Williams on Facebook ★★★★★ July 7, 2018

Last winter I bought a pair of biker boots, which are the go-to ones I use most days in the cold weather and I love them! They're sturdy yet stylish, and though I've been with them in mud, on rocks and sand, and in all kinds of weather, they still look like new and dirt wipes off with ease without leaving stains. For the summer I got a pair of sandals (Amelie gold) and I was so delighted with the quality and style that I went and bought 2 more (Jackie silver, Cornelia black). They make my feet (which are tiny anyway, being a size 3) look super slender and neat. Customer service is brilliant too, and fast shipping! Thank you Beyond Skin for providing the world with quality, ethically made, sustainable vegan shoes and accessories!


Georgia Stan Place on Facebook ★★★★★ March 30, 2018

I have a beautiful pair of black heels , they are my favourite, best pair and they are great quality. I would rather save and buy a posh lovely completely vegan pair from this company than go elsewhere. I recommend Beyond Skin to anyone who asks the old favourite question "are your shoes vegan?". Keep up the good work xxxx


Oneil Ruth on Facebook ★★★★★ May 16, 2018

Nicely made shoes, great quality, durable and beautiful! Saving and looking forward to my next purchase


Lynne Rutherford on Facebook ★★★★★ January 18, 2018

I got my misty boots for Christmas and LOVE them. They are perfect, warm, cosy and ridiculously comfortable. My second pair of shoes from beyond skin, so well made and smart. Highly recommend if you want beautiful, cruelty free footwear


Nicole Walshaw on Facebook ★★★★★ December 24, 2017

Love my Beyond Skin Shoes. Customer service has been brilliant. Comfortable, classic styles and long wearing. I am very hard on my shoes and Beyond Skin vegan footwear have stood the test of time. I've worn the "Kate Loafer" practically every day for the past two years and they still look great!


Cat Mogg on Facebook ★★★★★ October 30, 2015

Beautiful let made, classy and sexy shoes without cruelty. Fabulous customer service with lovely people keeping you informed about your Purchase and its whereabouts at all times. What more can you ask for? Long may this company flourish; I hope they grow and grow and grow so that more and more people can choose to wear stylish and well made footwear without harming a hair on the head of another sentient being. 


Karen James on Facebook ★★★★★ January 6, 2017

I am delighted with my first pair of cruelty free, ethically sourced shoes . The quality is excellent. Packaging, delivery and service also top notch. I have read some comments about the high cost but I do not agree. You have to pay for quality and what price can you put on your conscience? 


Sarah Gervais on Facebook ★★★★★ July 30, 2017

I have 4 pairs of shoes from beyond skin. I am so happy as a vegan I found this brand! Fashion is not sacrificed for ethics!!! They are amazing quality and straight up gorgeous.


Alexandra Dubur on Facebook ★★★★★ October 12, 2017

I was hesitant to purchase a pair of Beyond Skin shoes due to the European sizing. However, I took a chance and am so glad I did! Not only did I get my flats in three days, but they are of fantastic quality. It's heartwarming to know of brands like Beyond Skin that are making ethical products. Animal, worker, and environmentally friendly, it can't get much better. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Christina Gkourgioti on Facebook ★★★★★ December 30, 2017

I have bought 1, 2, 3, ..... , 12 pair of shoes over the years from Beyond Skin and I loved every single one of them. Ok.. a pair was too small, another too big, but in every case I exchanged them with a different size hassle free (they don't offer free returns but I used registered regular mail which is not very expensive, at least here in Greece, so I didn't mind) and in overall they fitted perfectly. In terms of durability and comfort, as a person always on high heels, I am very demanding but admittedly very satisfied with this brand. Yes, on some of the pairs that I wear more than the others, had to put some synthetic protective material under the soles, but I was doing that with the regular shoes as well in order for them to last longer and not to be slippery so that was not a problem either (so so very excited with the soles used on gaia b black where they already had that protective "rubbery" sole ideal for walking!!). In addition, the people working at beyond skin were very helpful, polite and willing to find the best possible solution every time I needed their help with an order of mine. Last but not least, as a person practising ethical consumerism and veganism I am very glad to have found this brand that combines design with ethics and as far as pricing I don't think they are too expensive compering with regular good quality shoes sold on high street although I must also admit that I take advantage of every offer or significant discount they put on their site and very rarely I have paid full price. If I am going to buy again??.. After owning 12 pairs??.. Guess what??.. I DEFINITELY WILL


Clem Moulaert Flanagan on Facebook ★★★★★ July 24, 2017

I purchased my wedding shoes from Beyond Skin, and also have a lovely pair of office shoes from this brand. I ADORE both pairs of shoes, I find them so comfortable and lovely, and it's great knowing I'm supporting an ethical brand. I find the shoes are very durable, as well (and I'm not especially careful with them). I had to exchange one pair for a larger size as it ran quite narrow, but the returns process was hassle-free (returns are not free, though, if I remember correctly). Would definitely recommend to anyone, vegan or not!


Clare Chick on Facebook ★★★★★ January 7, 2016

I LOVE my new shoes. I was excited to wear them and I adore the funky, drawer-style box. It's the only shoebox which won't be going into the recycling. The service was great and the advice good - I'm glad I followed the recommendation to go up a size as they fit me perfectly. I'm home from work now and I don't want to take them off…


Caitlin Russo on Facebook ★★★★★ February 27, 2017

For my wedding last year, I searched for a great pair of shoes that was eco-friendly in some way, and discovered Beyond Skin's vegan leather shoes. Since I'm in the US, I contacted customer service before ordering to inquire about the sizing (I'm a US 7.5), and chose the Zoe heels in a size 39.

When they arrived, they were way too big, so I shipped them back and ordered the (not as high of a heel) Leah sandals in size 38. It was a little pricey to ship back to the UK, but I checked both UPS and USPS and went with the less expensive of the two.

Coral in customer service was extremely helpful in answering my thousands of questions on the products, sizing, availability, shipping and returns. My return took 10 days to get back to the UK, and the refund was processed a couple of weeks after that. Because of the timing with my wedding, I purchased the Leah sandals before the refund was processed, but had no issues with it.

The Leah sandals fit very well and were absolutely gorgeous with my wedding dress. The lower heel was perfect for dancing, and the ankle strap kept them from sliding off. I love the vintage style of the shoe as well. I can't wait for more occasions to wear these shoes!


Charlotte Williams on Facebook ★★★★★ October 22, 2016

Made my first Beyond Skin purchase a couple of weeks ago. And really happy with the service and my boots. I went for the Dandy Chelsea boots in black, they're really comfortable and stylish. Looking forward to buying more shoes in the future!


Tímea Posszert on Facebook ★★★★★ November 27, 2017

Just got my second pair of shoes delivered today. The Lyra boots. They are gorgeous. Love everything about this brand.


Alyssia Beil on Facebook ★★★★★ April 25, 2017

Un grand merci pour vos chaussures magnifiques que j'ai reçu hier  je les adore! Les sandales à fleurs sont super confortables et légères et l'imprimé est aussi beau en vrai quand photo  pour les petites à talon beige elles sont un peu serrée sur les côtés mais je pense qu'elles vont se faire . Encore merci

A big thank you for your beautiful shoes I received yesterday  I love them! The flower sandals are super comfortable and light and the print is also beautiful in real time when photo  for the beige little ones they are a bit tight on the sides but I think they will get . again thanks


Imell Santa on Facebook ★★★★★ March 6, 2017

I usually don't write reviews, but these deserve a lot of praise! Received my Lucy Brogues shoes in black 2 weeks ago. I'm so in love and they're so comfy <3



Galatea Huggett on Facebook ★★★★★ January 31, 2017

On my second pair of Misty Boots as I wore my first ones to death. They're so comfy and cosy - brilliant for this cold weather. They're stylish and casual at the same time so you can go from the school run to the pub effortlessly. Would highly recommend them!


Laura Johnston on Facebook ★★★★★ February 4, 2017

I recently ordered my first pair of Beyond Skin shoes and I'm beyond impressed! I have a lot of problems finding shoes that fit as I am closer to a 6 1/2 than a 7, but the size 40 shoes fit me beautifully. The shoes themselves are gorgeous and I got them on sale and with a coupon meaning they only cost £59, which I think was an absolute steal! I'm in two minds whether to wear them or save them for my wedding they are so beautiful!


Eileen Wishart Hourigan on Facebook ★★★★★ January 6, 2017

Love Love Love my biker and hobb boots that I got before Christmas! Good quality fashionable and most importantly KIND shoes and boots. Now loving those new purses. THANK YOU!


Chris Papadakis on Facebook ★★★★★ April 5, 2017

Excellentes chaussures! Ça fait plusieurs fois que j'achète chez Beyond Skin shoes et je suis toujours aussi satisfaite! Je recommande ce site aussi pour son sérieux et surtout son éthique!

Excellent shoes! I've been buying at beyond skin shoes several times and I'm always so happy! I recommend this site also for its seriousness and above all its ethics!


Marielou LaGrey-Fletcher on Facebook ★★★★★ March 14, 2016

I'm on my second pair in less than 6 months...I just love them...and will buy them again. So comfortable and fashionable...I quite like some of the old models which are not available online, so I hope you will make them again…:)


Silvia Ceruti on Facebook ★★★★★ December 8, 2017

Beautiful shoes, very confortable e so fashion!

I bought a pair of GAIA B BLACK LACE UP VEGAN HEELS and I am extremely satisfied.


Jamie Gressen Erfle on Facebook ★★★★★ October 19, 2017

These shoes are amazing! So comfortable, better than leather and suede, and true to size.


Chandrika Joshi on Facebook ★★★★★ December 22, 2017

Bought a pair of shoes - they were expensive but are very sturdy - unlike many vegan shoes I have bought in the past. Two weeks of daily wear , no scuff marks yet!


Ariana Malkin on Facebook ★★★★★ July 25, 2017

I bought my wedding shoes from Beyond Skin and I'm obsessed with this brand. I can't wait to get my next pair


Josie Evans on Facebook ★★★★★ March 2, 2017

I purchased the black and silver bella purse recently and couldnt love it any more than i already do. Amazing quality and brilliant customer service! Thank you!


Ana Letícia Angrisano on Facebook ★★★★★ January 27, 2017

Delivered in the US within a week, beautiful package and amazing shoes!


Manitou Nawel on Facebook ★★★★★ June 14, 2016

Plus que parfait ! 
Enfin pouvoir s'habiller bien et classe sans cruauté!
Refaire des classiques avec un stylisme digne des plus grands et des tarifs défiants toute concurrence (en tout cas en France ) je trouve cela juste 

More than perfect!

Finally able to dress well and classy without cruelty!

Remake Classics with stylish design and rates all competition (in any case in France) I find this just

Beautiful! !!!!

Thank you!


Belén Nicolini Stewart on Facebook ★★★★★ December 24, 2016

I've bought two pair of shoes so far. Both of them good quality and very comfy! And cruelty free! I love this brand. Thank you!


Carol Richardson on Facebook ★★★★★ June 23, 2017

Yes I gulped at the price but all fitted really well (advised to go a size up on one style and they were right), in excellent condition and appear well made, they look no different to leather or suede, nice styles and so far cannot complain.


Miranda Robson on Facebook ★★★★★ October 25, 2016

I now own and love multiple pairs of Beyond Skin shoes - and cannot fault them in any way. I refuse to shop anywhere else for shoes now!


Alba Barby on Facebook ★★★★★ January 19, 2017

I love my Elf Boots from Beyond Skin! The delivery was quick, the packaging was lovely and the shoes were really comfortable. I will be buying again :)


Tamara Schenk on Facebook ★★★★★ August 4, 2017

Fantastic shoes produced without animal cruelty; and fantastic customer service. Highly recommended!


Laura Hubbard on Facebook ★★★★★ August 17, 2017

Just bought a pair of high heels for work, they arrived extremely quickly and are super comfortable and look great! Thanks guys :)


Anamaria Benic on Facebook ★★★★★ November 30, 2016

Beautiful shoes, high quality, and just amazing. I will buy from you in future for sure. Thank you.


Kerri Vegaan Turner on Facebook ★★★★★ January 6, 2017

Thanks so much,my boots arrived today. I love them so much and the box haha 

excellent quality definantly recommend


Ingrid Foott on Facebook ★★★★★ January 7, 2016

Bought my wedding shoes from here ... The most comfortable shoes I've ever worn ... If only I could wear them everyday


Teunie van der Stouwe on Facebook ★★★★★ April 20, 2017

Super happy with the pair I received! The fit is perfect and I can't wait to wear them on my wedding day!